How to Start Your Own Band in a Few Easy Steps

Many of us music lovers had the dream to start our own band at some point. Whether it was the rock star stage when you were 7 or the hormonal stage when you were 15, we all thought about it. If you are one of the few that truly want to make it happen, this is for you. Who knows, you may be the next U2 or Nirvana or Bruno Mars. Whichever genre or style you’re going for here is how to star you band in a few simple steps.

  1. Decide which instruments you want and advertise the positions. To know what you want you need to know which instruments should be in the band. A guitar, drums, keyboard, and bass are pretty standard. You will also need a vocalist unless you plan on being an instrumental band. Once you know what you want, post advertisements at schools, the library, convenience stores, and ask your friends who play instruments.
  2. Do auditions and choose your band. Let the interested players audition and ask them questions that may influence your decision. Choose the best ones and finalize your band. Once you guys are together and get to know each other, decide on your music genre and style. You should also choose a band name that reflects who you are and you style of music.
  3. Practice, practice, practice. You should play together and practice a lot. Start with covers until you can write your own songs. The best way to be successful and really get to the point where people will pay to hear you play is to be extremely good at playing your instruments and knowing your songs back to front.
  4. Start playing local gigs. If you want to know how people will respond to your music and get yourselves out there, you need play local gigs. School dances, pubs, coffee shops, birthday parties, and those types of events are very good exposure. Once you start doing a few of these people will start responding and go to where you are playing.
  5. Promote yourselves to a wider audience. Social media is wonderful. Promote your gigs on social media and invite people to attend and hear you perform. Soon, your gigs will be paid and people will line up to see you play and then you’ll go on tour. Obviously, it’s not that simple, but it will get you started.

band - How to Start Your Own Band in a Few Easy Steps

Once you reach this point, you need to build on the momentum, write your own songs, and keep people interested.

Let us know if you have a local band. We will promote you and feature an article on you. Our friends from AudioRumble might be interested in writing a story about you as well.

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