Playing Instruments: Why You Should Learn

Playing an instrument makes you smarter. That is just one of the benefits of learning to play an instrument. If your parents were ever adamant about you taking piano or tuba lessons, we can tell you why. Playing an instrument actually has a lot of benefits on different levels. There is a whole bunch to choose from, but we will only share a few choice ones today.

It makes you smarter. Many studies have been done on this and they have found that playing an instrument definitely improves academic abilities. It improves your mathematics abilities and academic performance in general.

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It teaches you patience. Learning to play an instrument is not an easy thing and it takes a lot of practice and years to master an instrument. So, if you want to be successful in playing an instrument, you will inevitably learn to be more patient with yourself and in general. With the patience, you also learn to persevere. It takes time and it will be difficult at times, but if you want to succeed, you need to stick with it. Perseverance and patience are very important when you learn to play an instrument.

It improves fine motor skills. Playing an instrument involves small and big movements. From violin to drums to guitar and piano, you have to have good control of your arms, hands, legs, and feet to successfully play an instrument.

It builds your confidence. Whenever we master something or reach a goal, we feel good about ourselves and our abilities. The same happens with learning to play an instrument. Every step you improve and every new song you learn makes you feel more confident and that confidence carries over into other activities.

It is an escape. We tend to listen to music that reflects our mood or state of mind. When you feel tired or sad or angry or happy, you can play your interest and create the music that you’re feeling. This also makes a form of expression. It is not only helping you escape or deal with your emotions, but it also gives a healthy outlet. It can convert your pain into something beautiful and creative.

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It teaches you many things. Learning to play an instrument isn’t just about knowing how to play the right note or understanding how to make the right sounds. In the process of learning to play, you also learn to read music. You learn about where music comes from and what types of music different cultures play and which music has its origins in which era. The list goes on. Learning to play an instrument is educational in many areas.

It is fun. The last and very important benefit is that it is fun. Playing an instrument will be an escape, a way to create, a way to entertain, a way to show what you can do, and a way to just let of steam and relax.

Music is powerful and so is playing an instrument. The benefits are multiple and in general it is just a good idea. The good news is that you are never too old. So get started.

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