4 Reasons Why Music is So Powerful

Music is powerful; there is no arguing that. But why is it so powerful? Well, I have my own ideas about that. Music has been proven to have psychological and physical benefits and it is very successful in therapy. The evidence is there. The reason for this is that it works with our brain waves and moods to make us feel better. So, here is my ten cents on the topic.

Music is powerful because it connects people. It doesn’t matter what your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation is, we all have music. Music may be played differently and sound differently in different countries and culture, but we all have some form of it. People of all kinds and from everywhere in the world come together at big concerts to listen to their favorite artists and musicians. That is powerful.

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Music is powerful because it speaks to us. Different types of music speak to different people. Some respond to classical music, others to metal music, and others to country music, etc. We all have a genre or maybe three that make us feel better and stronger and get us through the rough days. We connect with music, whether it be the melody or the lyrics, we hear and feel what it says and it means something to us. This is why music can heal and change our moods.

Music is powerful because it stimulates the brain. Classical music has been proven to help people study, calm down, be more productive, heal, and be more creative. You may find that other types of music do the same for you. The music waves somehow stimulate our brain waves and make us better at doing certain mental things. Few other things have this power. Music is powerful in how it affects the biological makeup of humans and even animals.

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Music is powerful because it is beautiful. The world is filled with ugly things. Music makes it better. It doesn’t matter what your choice of music, there is beauty in it. A singer, songwriter, and instruments played by people created that song you love so much. In creation there is beauty. You may not agree if you don’t like metal music, but there is beauty in that too. The way the notes are put together, the talent of the singer or guitarist or drummer and the little nuances in every piece of music is beautiful.

Bottom line – music is powerful. I don’t know of anything else that can speak to so many people at once and immediately influence how they feel, bring back memories, inspire, and wow at the same time. If you doubt the power of music, put on your favorite songs and pay attention to the changes in your thoughts and feelings. You’ll be a believer soon enough.

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