5 Most Epic Music Tours of All Time

The world has seen many music tours from the superstars to the up and comers. Some artists and tours are unforgettable and leave a mark in history that will always be remembered. Unfortunately, we can’t list all the epic ones since the beginning, so we’re just doing the last two or three decades. There are so many, but here are a few that will stand out for years to come.

Prince ‘Purple Rain’ Tour

Prince is well-known for his hit ‘Purple Rain’ and the tour with the same name was just as legendary as this phenomenal singer and performer. He made history and influenced the music industry immensely. His showmanship and on-stage performances were like you have never seen before. He always aimed for higher, better, longer, and harder. The 98 shows he performed in this tour were compared to Broadways shows because of the theatrics and costume changes that he was known for.

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Jay Z and Kanye West ‘Watch the Throne’ Tour – 2011 to 2012

The best and possibly most successful hip-hop collaboration in the last few decades – Z and West. They wowed the audience on this tour did it with energy and style and all kinds of epic tricks. They encored twelve times in Paris and drove the world crazy.

Leonard Cohen Worldwide Tour – 2008 to 2013

Leonard Cohen, may he rest in peace, had one hell of a life. His manager ran of his life savings and that led to this tour which turned out to be one of the best tours ever. With his deep voice and unique on-stage charisma he wowed and entertained crowds across the world. As the tour continued and people learned how amazing he still was, his shows sold out in Europe and America and filled stadiums with tens of thousands of fans.

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Taylor Swift ‘1989’ Tour – 2015

She has been compared to Madonna in her innovation, the risks she takes, and her bold mix of country, pop, and rock. With this album and tour and she graduated into full dance-pop and made all her fans fall even more in love with her music. While staying true to her emotional overshares and ballads, she added this new flavour with a glam look to show her more grown up. She brought out all the stops and invited several big acts onto the stage with her at different venues. She sang with Justin Timberlake, Alanis Morissette, Mick Jagger, and Chris Rock, to name a few.

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Beyonce Formation Tour – 2016

The big B has always been a powerhouse and she has come a long way since her days with Destiny’s Child. Making history in terms of large-scale concert theatrics and stage setup, Beyonce stepped out with all the energy and confidence we have come to love about her. She sang all the fats and slow favorites while entertaining the audience with visuals and dancers and effects to make anyone feel part of the experience. She sang a tribute to Prince shortly after his death in Minneapolis to honour this great music legend.

Find yourself the DVD of these if they are available. It will never compare to the live experience, but these performers are so powerful that you may just feel that magic regardless.

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